Breaking News Reporter – England – IBT Media

The Breaking News Team is the heartbeat of the IBTimes Newsroom and has been built to ensure that we are constantly reporting the most up to date news as soon as it happen. The talented Breaking News Team includes specialities in Foreign, Political and Business news and we are looking for a new reporter to build on their success.

Role Responsibilities
The responsibilities of the Breaking News Reporter include:
Writing original content for publication on the IBTimes UK site.
Working diligently to make sure articles are written and published as quickly as possible.
Following the newsroom style-guide to ensure consistency of writing.
Building a reliable network of contacts with which to source stories.
Fact-checking your own work and making it as accurate as possible.
Forward planning for known News events.
Work as part of a team to make the news output as strong as possible.
Making full use of social media to promote your stories and IBTimes UK as a whole.
Desired Skills and Experience

Role Requirements
Bachelor’s degree
Previous experience in a busy Editorial role for a reputable online organisations.
Good knowledge of SEO and online journalism.
Excellent knowledge across a broad range of current event issues.
Sound knowledge of Social Media Strategy.

How to apply
To apply please send your CV and covering letter to

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