Performance Lifestyle Coach – University of Birmingham Sport

Job Description
The holder of this role will be responsible for the provision of Athlete Lifestyle Support services to transitional stage athletes at Birmingham (University of Birmingham athletes and teams as well as TASS athletes). He/she will also be responsible for the development and delivery of an athlete lifestyle/dual-career skills programme and the provision of 1-1 and group support. They will be working in partnership with the Scholarship Manager, TASS Programme Lead, Performance Centre team and coaches to encourage and facilitate dual career aspirations; through the successful balance of sporting and non-sporting commitments.

Main duties
-Responsible for the design, development and delivery of an athlete lifestyle support programme for UBSport & TASS athletes. This will involve working closely with the scholarship management team, coaches, performance centre practitioners and external bodies (TASS, NGBs).
-To Support student athletes from a lifestyle perspective as they transition on to, through and from our programmes (UoB scholarship programme and TASS programme). This will involve working in close partnership with the scholarship management team in the design and delivery of a programme of dual career (DC) skills and development opportunities.
-To encourage and facilitate dual career aspirations through enabling effective management of the balance between sporting and non-sporting commitments (academic) by athletes.
-Encouraging a proactive approach is taken by the athletes in managing their academic commitments as well as sporting commitments.
-To also promote the importance and positive impact that creating and developing broader identities and interests beyond their sports has on an athlete in maintaining personal wellbeing.
-As part of the life skills programme, lead on the design and delivery of workshops and educational sessions for the student-athlete, targeting the different needs and development of the athlete along the performance pathway.
-To provide 1-1 and group athlete lifestyle support to sport scholars, TASS athletes and specified teams.
-To liaise with the Scholarship Manager where there is any academic issue/conflict which may have arisen so that the appropriate action can be taken.
-To develop online resources for university performance squads and teams to help with their professional and personal development.
-To work with UBSports coaching team in providing support and advice on lifestyle topics or concerns.
-To act as a member of the anti-doping advisory group – guiding policy and enforcing anti-doping standards. Also as a member of an advisory group, assist with the delivery of educational sessions/events and resources on both scholarship and club programmes.
-To work within the rules of professional confidentiality liaise with athletes, coaches, parents, educational establishments (TASS network).
-In conjunction with the scholarship management team identify appropriate staff across the network willing to act as mentors/advisors, delivering appropriate training, and providing guidelines and resources for this role.

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