Pathway Strength & Conditioning Coach (Working with British Canoeing) – English Institute of Sport

Job Description
The primary purpose of this role is to support the physical & technical development of identified podium potential (PP) and talented club canoe sprint athletes.
The post holder will provide S&C support directly (~0.4 of role) to a small number of PP/club athletes out of Holme Pierrepont (& occasional camps) whilst also supporting a select number of clubs indirectly (~0.6 of role) through the provision of coach-athlete engaging educational material directed from identified needs and questions within Canoe Clubs and pathway.
The role is suited for someone whom is personable, values coach insight and opinion and equally leaves clubs and coaches with meaningful information that can aid coaching process in the physical development of junior athletes.
This club facing support will build on existing programs and working knowledge/insight but most importantly, aim to turn existing physical development principles (What & Why) into exemplar material that aims to address the ‘how’ of enabling future paddler success.
The successful candidate should be engaging and inspiring in their approach whilst delivering from sound technical/non-technical models that can be easily explained and understood. He/she should be able to build coaching trust and be flexible in approach to build strong relationships quickly. He/she should be comfortable in working through coaches to support their athletes. The type of candidate the post should appeal to is one whom is equally passionate about frontline direct athlete support but also someone whom is accepting of and takes reward from working through others e.g. helping club coaches with sometimes basic but highly impactful guidance and support.

The candidate should have a sound understanding of movement kinetics and be as equally comfortable operating by the training lake/boat shed as in a gym environment.
In addition to the above, the facilitation of group sessions (coach-coach, coach-athletes) in conjunction with Canoe Talent Coach Developer will be integral to this role. A key focus will be on how to best develop fundamental physical and movement skills at relevant stages in the athletes developmental journey. The candidate should be confident in their approach whilst maintaining humility, be someone whom is both personable and direct, be a team player and seek context where required before making key decisions.
Outside of this, the successful candidate should be accepting of the need to be flexible in style/delivery where warranted without sacrificing any agreed non-negotiables.

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