Chelmsford Gym Supervisor – Anglia Ruskin Univeristy

Job Purpose:
Ensure that our sports facilities in Chelmsford provide an excellent experience for users and continuously grow and develop, contributing to the University’s Strategy for Sport

Principal Accountabilities:
1. Contribute towards the creation and development of policies and procedures, and ensure that facility staff successfully implement them, to enable the successful operation of our sports facilities in Chelmsford.
2. Provide supervision to Fitness Coaches, Recreation Assistants and Fitness Instructors including allocating staff rotas, assigning routine tasks, setting targets, supporting their personal development and managing performance.
3. Manage the relationships with our personal trainers, ensuring that they fulfil the obligations in their contracts, work collaboratively with other Team ARU staff and behave in a professional manner.
4. Contribute towards the creation of a structured plan for increasing gym membership sales and then oversee its implementation by the team of gym staff.
5. Work closely with colleagues in Corporate Marketing to help create, develop and then deliver our annual marketing plan for the Chelmsford gym.
6. Contribute to the management of our leisure bookings system including setting-up new activities and memberships, run reports and updating prices.
7. Ensure that there is a full and varied programme provided in Mildmay Sports Hall that meets the needs of our students, staff and local community.
8. Maintain accurate records and produce standard reports in relation to finance, usage of facilities, Health and Safety and hours worked by staff on annualised contracts.
9. Deal with customer complaints with minimal supervision and allocate refunds where appropriate.
10. Such other duties temporarily or on a continuing basis as may reasonably be required.

Final points:
Comply with Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR requirements in all working practices maintaining confidentiality, integrity, availability, accuracy, currency and security of information as appropriate. Take personal responsibility for all personal data within own working environment.
Such other duties temporarily or on a continuing basis, as may reasonably be required, commensurate with your grade.
This is a description of the job as it is presently constituted. It is normal practice to review periodically job descriptions to ensure that they are relevant to the job currently being performed, and to incorporate any changes which have occurred or are being proposed. The review process is carried out jointly by manager and employee and you are therefore expected to participate fully in such discussions. In all cases, it is our aim to reach agreement to reasonable changes, but where it is not possible to reach agreement we reserve the right to make reasonable changes to your job description which are commensurate with your grade after consultation with you.

How to apply
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