Multi Sports Coach – South Yorkshire – Active Regen Community Foundation Ltd

Job Description
To have responsibility for the effective and efficient co-ordination of a comprehensive, equitable sports development programme.

To have responsibility for developing sport & sports related activity.

To increase participation in sport and sports related activity by all groups who live in the community, focusing particularly on agreed target groups and communities.

Co-ordinate and deliver a programme of sports related opportunities and events that meet the community plan outcomes and corporate social objectives.

To work as part of a team to develop and support a range of partnerships to enhance provision.

To have responsibility for a community wide programme working in partnership with schools, clubs, and facilities to improve opportunities and increase participation attending potential meetings and networking opportunities when possible.

To have responsibility for managing sessional staff, Learners and volunteers at the sessions where you are the “Lead Coach,” recommending any proposed changes to the current systems and processes to the Sports Development Officer

Produce Lesson Plans and Work Programmes for a diverse range of sports ensuring progressive learning and constant development which need to be with you at all times.

To deliver inclusive and equitable sports activities within the community and schools ensuring high discipline and class management.

To be a mentor to any Learners and volunteer(s) you work with to aid their progression and development.

To ensure that the sports development work programmes complement that of other groups and programmes operating within the community.

To assist in the development of procedures to monitor the effectiveness of the Lesson Plans and Work Programmes.

Ensure the effective monitoring and evaluation of relevant sports development work programmes providing evaluation packs to the Sports Development Officer when requested.

Provide up to date registers, coaching packs and evidence for all the sessions

Contribute to the management of health and safety through the ongoing update of risk assessments and safe practices and procedures.

To deliver marketing and promotion material to all schools, partners, community venues and places of interest when required.

To work as part of a team and be a source of information to other members of staff.

Special Conditions
To be familiar and comply with all relevant Health and Safety, Management of Risk, Operational, Personnel, Data Protection and Financial Regulations, policies and procedures.

To identify risks within personal objectives, using resources effectively and efficiently and safeguarding assets.

To ensure equality of opportunity is afforded to all persons, actively seeking to eliminate any direct or indirect discriminatory practices/behaviour.

To undertake other duties and responsibilities as required from time to time commensurate with the post.

The post holder will be required to work evenings and weekends as the requirements of the job demands.

This post may qualify for overtime payments of enhancements, this will be informed by the management team, and staff may be responsible for their own contribution to national insurance and taxes.

The coaches Personal Development Programme will be developed through the Training and Development Review process. If Active Regen Community Foundation Ltd identify courses to improve your delivery you must attend and complete all work in the timeframe set.

To Work to designated targets devised by your line manager throughout the year
How to apply
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