Journalist – Euronews

Main duties
The news journalist covers target stories on varied themes, driven by the news.
He/she has significant experience in television, and is equally able to work in TV and on digital platforms, in line with Euronews’ editorial values and producing packages that meet high quality standards. The news journalist is fully responsible for the quality and accuracy of the news delivered.
He/she may also make occasional contributions to live coverage by his/her own language service, or as an expert on the other services, whether TV or digital platforms.
He/she is responsible for the complete production of the package, and carries out all associated tasks (editorial selection of footage, editing, infographics, script, voicing production, and mixing). These packages have the distinctive feature that the same journalist also delivers them across all digital media, adapting and supplementing the content in order to supply the digital publication channels, including social media.

Main tasks
Organising his document search across various media
Writing scripts
Editing and mixing packages
Writing, producing and publishing content variants on the digital platform

Education level required: four years’ higher education – journalism qualification or equivalent
Professional experience required: two years in broadcasting
Languages: language of service and fluent English
Extensive general knowledge enabling him to cover diverse stories
Proficient writer of news products (structure and tone)
Takes particular care to adapt script to footage
Good teamwork and interpersonal skills
Fast, precise writer
On-air presence, especially during live coverage
Manages stress well
Strong digital culture and fluent user of technology

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Mr DAHIA Boubakeur
Talent acquisition specialist
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