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Job Description
Key relationships: Blackburn Rovers Football & Athletic Ltd and the Premier League
1. Background
Professional football must better reflect modern Britain. Blackburn Rovers in partnership with the Premier League, are seeking to improve the diversity of football coaches in the professional game to make this area more representative. As part of our commitment to improving diversity, we are proud to be one of the Partner Clubs chosen to launch the Coach Inclusion & Diversity Scheme 2020/2021 (CIDS) to provide a high-quality personal development work placement that supports underrepresented groups within the football industry. The scheme is open to coaches who are currently underrepresented within the English professional game – such as individuals who are either Black, Asian, of a mixed heritage or women.
We are actively encouraging coaches from underrepresented groups to embrace the opportunity to aspire to coach in the professional game, so that football at all levels better represents the wider communities in which it is played, enjoyed and serves.

What is the Coach Inclusion & Diversity Scheme?
The Coach Inclusion and Diversity Scheme is a positive action initiative, informed by provisions established under Section 158 of the Equality Act 2010, to support the strategic aim of building and normalising an inclusive and diverse professional coaching workforce which we believe represents proportionate steps to improve underrepresented groups within football.
Blackburn Rovers in partnership with the Premier League, aim to identify a high potential coach to undergo a work experience and development opportunity, so that after the scheme, they become highly employable within the professional game. Simultaneously, the Premier League want to be able to recognise and support Partner Clubs of the scheme as Inclusion and Diversity Role Models.
The Coach Inclusion & Diversity Scheme will provide a 23-month rotational work experience and development programme for the successful candidate. The programme will be a fully integrated and intensive opportunity based at the Blackburn Rovers Academy designed to accelerate the candidates’ coaching knowledge and ability in order to better equip them for future coaching work.
The candidate invited onto the scheme, following a successful selection process, will be expected to demonstrate extraordinary drive and resilience in order to reach a high standard across a range of skills and competencies tailored to the needs of the individual.
2. Objectives of the scheme
• To identify and develop to coaching role models who are currently underrepresented within the English professional game – such as individuals who are either Black, Asian, of a mixed heritage or women.
• To support Clubs who wish to progress their Inclusion & Diversity targets as well as recognising Clubs who role model excellent Inclusion & Diversity practises in the treatment of coaches.
• To increase the number of underrepresented coaches currently occupying full time coaching roles within Premier League and/or Category One Clubs.
• To provide each of the coaches with their own development programme to ensure that each coach is appropriately trained and supported through the work experience.
• To substantially improve employment prospects for coaches who complete the work experience programme satisfactorily.
3. Person Specification
Background: Coaches who are currently underrepresented within the English professional game – such as individuals who are either Black, Asian, of a mixed heritage or women

• No previous experience of full-time coaching in a Premier League or English Football League Club.
• First team playing experience.
• Experience of coaching a team or group of players on a regular basis.
• Professional playing experience.

• UEFA B Licence – or evidence of working towards
• FA Safeguarding Certificate.
• FA Emergency First Aid Certificate.
• UEFA A Licence.

Person Specification:
• The scheme is looking for candidates with high potential to be role models and world-class football coaches;
• Candidates should be able to demonstrate high-level thinking skills required for a football coach working in a complex and multi-disciplinary environment;
• Candidates should be able to demonstrate high-level interpersonal skills, where they can communicate effectively and appropriately with a wide range of individuals and groups of people;
• Candidates should be able to demonstrate the resilience required to be able to succeed in challenging high-performance football environments; and
• Candidates should be able to demonstrate a high motivation to become a football coach in English Professional Football and to help other footballers and teams to successfully develop and perform.
The scheme is interested in candidates who have an aspiration to work at any age group (Foundation Phase, Youth Development Phase, Professional Development Phase and/or First Team)

How to apply
The successful candidate will be selected based on merit as measured against the person specification, set out above, for the scheme via a range of assessments. To apply, please submit a written application in Word or as a PDF including the below: 1. Please confirm that you match each of the criteria for the application using a brief application letter and CV. 2. Include a written, signed reference(s) from a coach developer(s) and/or coach(es) describing your football coaching potential. 3. Include answers to the following questions (no more than 500 words per answer): a. Please explain why you would like to join this initiative and what you want to achieve during the work experience. b. What is it that appeals to you about being a football coach? Please provide evidence to demonstrate your desire to be a football coach if you successfully complete this initiative. c. If you were successful in becoming a football coach after the work experience, what would you personally want to do to progress inclusion, diversity and coaching in English professional football? d. Please explain where you see yourself in ten years and why. Please submit your application to or post to: HR Department Ewood Park Stadium, Nuttall St Blackburn Lancashire BB2 4JF Data Protection By submitting your application, you are agreeing to Blackburn Rovers and the Premier League processing your personal details for the purpose of administering and evaluating the scheme in accordance with Blackburn Rovers and the Premier League’s privacy notices. Safeguarding This role will include regulated activity with children. The successful candidate will be subjected to an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check prior to starting the work placement. Blackburn Rovers FC is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk. The role holder will be required to undertake appropriate safeguarding checks as well as providing proof of right to work in the UK.

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